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am i the only one that feels 2014 doesn’t even sound real

Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them. Unknown (via c-aliforniaprincess)
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How odd, I can have all this inside me
and to you it’s just words. David Foster Wallace’s, The Pale King (via poetisch)
After high school you realize you were only friends with some people because you saw them five times a week. (via rumour)
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justin bieber na We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/112444945
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@calvinklein: Basking with Bieber. @justinbieber #mycalvins #regram


what does it say about you
as a person
when even seven trillion nerves
aren’t enough
for you to feel something

You hide behind your words because it’s all you have. ten-word-story, #47 (via acupofkeen)

my mom got a new phone